Who is Elfy Jo?

There seems to be a lot that wants to jump onto this page so I'll be sure to give you the highlights tour!

I'm originally from The Netherlands where I finished my studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with a Master of Music degree.

After that I moved to China where I played clarinet professionally for the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra.

13 years in China was quite the adventure but it was also long enough.

I applied for an Aussie PR and you guys were crazy enough to let me in, thank you for that!

I started noticing that people were not advancing their careers because they hate/don't like/abhor public speaking and making promo videos for their businesses.

My creative mind clicked into gear and I realised that I've been a communication coach through music for 25 years already.

It felt a bit selfish to only use my knowledge for my music students and decided to branch out into a much wider field.

I speak 7 languages including Mandarin and Dutch (naturally) and I'm very passionate about creating more effective and enjoyable communication around the globe.

I hope that you're enjoying my website and I'd like to thank you for visiting.