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My littlest one is now SEVEN 🤯🎉🥳

As you can see these days I can only capture pixelated shots as we’re not on the same continent.

You can still see the joy and love as I’m keeping it real here on my blog 🥰

We draw together and I send her what I create with my iPad. As you can see I drew an Izzie themed Bday cake which she really liked 🎂

Aaaand since it is her birthday, registration for the Wellness Party is now OPEN 📝

We start the party on August 1st so you have some time to get settled and maybe look around the app a bit before we get going 🌟

Here is where the action starts:

It’s Izzie’s Bday tomorrow so that means registration for the wellness party will open up in less than 24 hours!

We will kick off the Limbic Arc party on August 1st aka my birthday.

It really sucks for a Leo to celebrate her birthday in captivity.

With this wellness party I want to spread the good vibes anyway 🧚🏻‍♀️ Keep your eyes 👀 open for the registration link tomorrow 👌🏻

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