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After a period of very intense life changes I’m back and sparklier than ever!

Now that I don’t live in blocked off China anymore I’m back to offering world wide online music coaching 🎶

My business structure has changed as well so for now the easiest way to contact me is PM.

I’m looking for people that can already play and are at about 70% skill level. We will go on a musical adventure together towards 99% skill level.

“Skill level” refers to technical mastery as much as full expressive freedom.

Coaching is open to all instrumentalists, especially when you want to work on your musicality.

If you’re looking for an instrumental technical deep dive I can offer clarinet sessions. Total geek out guaranteed (finger changes, embouchure tricks and much more.....)

Today marks our 20th wedding anniversary.

It will also be our last as we've decided to set each other free through means of a divorce.

In total we've been together for 23 years and we had a lot of good times and experiences.

At least that's what it looked like on the outside. What nobody knew, myself included was that I was very lonely most of the time.

Only last week did I receive words for what I’d been feeling for a long time. The book "Attached" was brought to my attention and it made all my guilt about not continuing our marriage fall away. My husband and I have very different attachment styles so at our core we are always at odds with each other.

I was baffled to see our entire marriage saga summarised on one page. I've added a copy below and the credit goes to the authors Amir Levine and Rachel Heller with the summary made by Abbey Beathan. I hope they don't mind that I share their knowledge here because I want more people to be aware of their own attachment system.

William and I are much happier with each other now the pressure of the social contract called "marriage" won't be binding us for much longer.

Of course we are taking excellent care of our daughters and will be doing so for many years to come.

Thank you for reading all this and if you choose to comment please make sure it comes from kindness and love as these past few months have been very hard on me.


My littlest one is now SEVEN 🤯🎉🥳

As you can see these days I can only capture pixelated shots as we’re not on the same continent.

You can still see the joy and love as I’m keeping it real here on my blog 🥰

We draw together and I send her what I create with my iPad. As you can see I drew an Izzie themed Bday cake which she really liked 🎂

Aaaand since it is her birthday, registration for the Wellness Party is now OPEN 📝

We start the party on August 1st so you have some time to get settled and maybe look around the app a bit before we get going 🌟

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