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Search for Elfy Jo (or elfyjo) and then select your category. The designs are for women, men, kids and babies so feel free to have a browse. If you're into mugs or baseball caps I have you covered too!

I am open to design suggestions, my details are below and on the contact page.

Feedback and shares are very welcome.

It's so funny to me that the old business model (pre-something19) was all about narrowing down your niche.

To me that has never made sense, not even after a marketing course or two.

I love life. I love music. I love feeling good.

So why on earth would I not show up fully and share all that I love?!

I'm just gonna say it: if you like boring and straight lined you probably would not have ended up on my website to begin with 😏

In the odd chance that you did: welcome, and hold on for the ride!

And for the record: I love emoji's too 😆

I'm not anti many things. A few things I am in fact "anti" to are racism, emoji haters and rigid seriousness.

As a classically trained musician I do believe that seriousness has its place, as long as it does not pose a threat to the flow of energies. Rigidness is the basis of a lot of issues in this world, according to my humble opinion 😉

Have a look around this website. There's a lot to play with: 60 Seconds of Zen, Quantum Wellness, Radio, Art and a snazzy booking system for online music classes.

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