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It's so funny to me that the old business model (pre-something19) was all about narrowing down your niche.

To me that has never made sense, not even after a marketing course or two.

I love life. I love music. I love feeling good.

So why on earth would I not show up fully and share all that I love?!

I'm just gonna say it: if you like boring and straight lined you probably would not have ended up on my website to begin with 😏

In the odd chance that you did: welcome, and hold on for the ride!

And for the record: I love emoji's too 😆

I'm not anti many things. A few things I am in fact "anti" to are racism, emoji haters and rigid seriousness.

As a classically trained musician I do believe that seriousness has its place, as long as it does not pose a threat to the flow of energies. Rigidness is the basis of a lot of issues in this world, according to my humble opinion 😉

Have a look around this website. There's a lot to play with: 60 Seconds of Zen, Quantum Wellness, Radio, Art and a snazzy booking system for online music classes.

Hello, I hope you're having a great day so far!

In the video below I talk a bit about my "weirder" sides. Yes, "sides".... plural!!!

With the world changes that are going on it is very clear to me that the old business model of just doing one thing is disappearing.

For those that are energy sensitive it makes no sense to seperate the different sections of life from an energetic level.

This doesn't mean that I go around being weird in everybody's faces to makes them feel uncomfortable with what happens to be true for me. It does mean that I honour myself in all circumstances and use my abilities to create greater connection and understanding.

Hey, if you don't like talking with trees as much as I do, I'm not going to love you any less.

We are all here on our own personal journeys and it is a lot more pleasant walking together with friends. Do we need to agree on everything? Of course not! How boring would that be?!

This here is my space and I feel called to be more transparent about my life and energy work. Sure, I'm a kick ass music teacher and performer. An artist? No doubt about it!

I'm also a mom, a shenanigator, lover of life, multi-linguist and optimist.

I won't fit any of the boxes you may have lying around.

You are wholeheartedly invited to come play, whether that is through music, art or quantum wellness.

Have a look around this site and message me if you want to have a chat about any of my work, xx

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