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As the world keeps getting more chaotic I go within and work on my love and values.

Here's to humanity getting its act together soon.

Check out this interview I had with Erica on her show.

We laughed, went deep and I even improvised a song......

Let me know your thoughts!

My friends over on Creativity and Aliveness have unleashed May Mandala Madness.

OK, OK....... that's not the official title but I'm a sucker for alliteration.

Over the past week I've ventured into Mandala land on my iPad but doing so without all the fancy drawing assists. For colouring I have allowed myself to use the recolour option in Procreate.

Here you can see three completely different styles and colour patterns.

Just as each piece of music has its own vibe and magic, so does each Mandala.

There are different parameters, rhythms, melodies and dynamics.

Each creation stands alone and it is an interesting exercise to not compare and just let them be as they are.

These templates and many other ones are available by joining Creativity and Aliveness here. There are calls throughout the week and recordings will be available if you can't hop on live. There's no cost for this awesome project.

As a musician I find it important to keep expanding my art skills in different media.

The magic is found inside the creative process, no matter if that is during practising scales, drawing or even dancing.

Don't forget that I'm available for online music lessons.

You can check out the different classes and book here.

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