A cool creation story

A couple of weeks back I went to hear a concert by the MSO and one of the pieces on the program was the world premiere of a double horn concerto by May Lyon.

The composition was really cool but what was also cool was that May Lyon herself was present in the audience.

After her piece she was called on stage. She was wearing an all black outfit with the most amazing pink and orange boots.

I remember thinking to myself: “wow! I’d like to have a pair of those!”.

I forgot all about the boots until I was doing some retail therapy with a friend today.

I saw the exact same boots! What are the odds in all of Melbourne’s shoe shops?! (They really, really seem to like shoes here!)

Unfortunately they didn’t have my size anymore but we spotted the same design in a lace up shoe format. Not in pink and orange but in a pretty cool purple/fuchsia combo.

Of course I had to buy them (on sale, naturally).

How’s that for some pretty specific creation/manifestation? 👌🏻🌟🙌🏻🧚🏻‍♀️✅

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