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Aaaaaaaah, after a long period of very deep inner work I finally feel like ME again!!!

You know, the "me" without the constant darkness and heaviness. 

On the outside you may not see a lot of change but my inner life is 102984749% lighter (and yes in the magical realms there's such a thing as 102984749%).

My renewed lightness has once again fueled my inspiration so not only am I doing 60 seconds of Zen with Elfy Jo as a music project, nu-uh, I'm also adding visual magic!

As you know by now (or if if this is your first visit, you'll find out soon enough) that I don't have a set style, neither for music or other arts. I follow the energy of the moment, park my ego outside and let inspiration flow. I'm having a lot of fun creating on different media as well. I love pen/marker/pencil to paper but also love the layering options that the iPad has available.

I hope these creations add some joy to your day because that's what Art for Happy People is all about!

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