International Youth Art Festival

Hi everyone! I'm happy to share this video and other news with you.

I've been a bit absent with the kiddo's home on holiday. This video is an improvisation that I played with Eric Wong. His instrument is called a guzheng. It is a string instrument that is tuned in the pentatonic scale.

I met Eric the night before our performance. We had a little chat and he asked me if I could work with the guzheng tuned in G (GABDE). No problemo! For me that is A pentatonic (ABC#EF#). It is a very playable scale but not the most comfortable one. Haha, welcome to the life of a musician; comfortable or not: just play!! 

We had a blast and enjoyed our musical conversation together with the audience. The next day we took our creative endeavours even further as we added two dancers and a keyboard player into the mix. 

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