Intuition matters

So….. when your local Aldi has become a tier 1 exposure site and your local Woolies is inside a tier 1 exposure site as well, what do you do?

Well, you trust that Australian Post is being lazy on purpose by taking your parcel to the 2nd possible post office in your hood. The one across from a super market to be precise…..

Then you chat with a friend on the phone, mention that you have no food and she goes like…… “I wouldn’t pop down to that Aldi”…….

You start to think: “mmm, there must be something to this”

You proceed to the post office and get your groceries across the street.

Then the total of your shop is $62.22 and you know you made the right decision.

(222 being my favourite number and all)

Intuition and energy can be loud but most of the times they’re very subtle.

Listen anyway.

When you develop the ability to listen to the subtle messages you will improve your public speaking as well because you'll be more inspired by the nudges you receive.

You will also feel confident and safe following them!

Send message if you want to learn a whole new way of public speaking and pitching your ideas.

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