Is public speaking harming your career?

Have you ever been afraid to speak up during a big meeting at work because you got too nervous? When that happens you're not only shortchanging your company but also yourself.

There is only one you and that is your super power.

Yes, I say that a lot and I will keep saying it!!

When you decide not to pitch your idea you shut down your creativity and die a little bit on the inside. Moreover it will be even harder to work up the courage for a subsequent meeting as now your energy is not flowing freely.

A different uncomfortable experience is when you do go ahead and you kinda fumble through your pitch and see that people are not getting what you want to convey.

Communication is a skill that adds on to your professional knowledge. Even when you're a rock star accountant, a dedicated counsel member or a kick ass designer it can be hard to get your Perfect Pitch across. This is not because you don't know your field but because you need a different skillset to talk ABOUT what it is you do.

It can be very frustrating not to know how to get your ideas across and it could be the biggest culprit that is holding your career back.

This is were I come in and work with you.

In our sessions we focus on HOW you deliver your message because I'm sure you're already pretty great at your profession.

  • My name is Elfy Jo and I am a communication coach. I work with people that hate being on camera or just dislike public speaking in general.

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