More Art!!

Hello all,

The outside world is in turmoil and as we're getting deep into social (physical) distancing I found great pleasure in learning more about digital art.

As you maybe know I was mostly self taught before and while that is really helpful to come up with your own process it is also enriching and fun to acquire more knowledge in order to have more choices and options.

You can check out my art for sale here.

The works in this post are available for free, just send me a message and I will send you a decent resolution. It is very small contribution I can make from my heart to yours in these interesting times.

It is tricky to select what works for you and what doesn't without having any judgements. So it is also partly spiritual practise by honing in on your observational skills. Then you can apply these skills to the rest of your life by taking a step back and saying "mmm, I wonder what's here to see" without immediately throwing a judgment at it. I'm enjoying this game a lot but my ego is not, hahaha!

The works in this post are all inspired by Lisa Bardot and her awesome tutorials and prompts. You can check her out here.

Nope, I'm not an affiliate, I just enjoy sharing awesomeness and people that truly love what they do.

I hope that my art brightens your day a bit, as I know it does for me.

It is very nice to sit down and solve creative problems and in that way make good use of my time. I always feel more connected to spirit when I create and that connection carries over into other aspects of my life.

Love to all,

Elfy Jo

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