Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars


Oh yes, I went there indeed! Wanna go catch some stars with me? *additional musings* Reach for the Stars baby!! Why not and what else are you going to do?! As above, as below.... As within, as without.... Can you see that there’s nothing for you “without”?The world itself already tells you: with - out. Your magic comes from YOU, be with YOU, love YOU and when you’re all filled up and flowing over go without and maybe, just maybe, you will inspire someone else to go within, to their own unique beauty. xx and sparkles, Elfy Jo PS. Sorry to all sci-fi fans: the truth is not “out there”. The truth is “in here”: your heart ❤️ *end of additional musings* You’ll receive a full size digital file (without water mark of course, haha) which you can use in any way you like (print, screen saver, t-shirt..... you name it!)


The value is around $58 in USD

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