I'm originally from The Netherlands where I grew up playing clarinet in a local wind band. I realised that music was my life so I went on the study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and graduated with a Master of Music degree.

After my studies I moved to China where I played clarinet professionally in the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. I learned fluent Mandarin and also some basic Cantonese. Since speaking one language isn’t enough, how could I stick to playing just one instrument? I taught myself saxophone and flute which was a lot of fun! Recently I’ve added the bassoon to my woodwind collection and I’m love with the process of learning another instrument.

I stayed in China for 13 years which was adventurous but I did feel the need to move to a different continent.

I applied for an Australian  PR and that was approved for me and my family. Due to Covid I ended up in Melbourne before my family did so the last one and a half year have been pretty challenging.

I have two gorgeous daughters named Lexie and Isabelle.

During my time in Melbourne I started noticing that people were not advancing their careers because they shy away from sharing their thoughts and ideas.

My creative mind clicked into gear and I realised that I've been a communication coach through music for 26 years already.

I found it  a bit selfish to use my communication knowledge only for my music students and I decided to branch out into a much wider field.

I'm very passionate about creating more effective and enjoyable communication around the globe. I see a presentation or a pitch as a musical score. The delivery is the performance, like a concert or a recital. I can show you how to practise and prepare for a public speaking event, whether that’s an interview, a pitch for Netflix or an idea you want to present to your boss.

I hope that you're enjoying my website and I'd like to thank you for visiting.

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What Clients Are Saying

Elfy worked with me the way how I needed. She was patient when listening to my struggles. She checked in to see how I went afterwards, too! Thank you Elfy!

Vera Chong
AVL Bookkeeping Services

What Elfy said and how she explained it was so simple but I just needed to hear it from her.
She gave me confidence.

Ryan O'Connor
LoanMe Financial

I have experience in pitching/presenting and I generally feel confident about it. Rather than coaching me with presenting skills and techniques, Elfy dived deep into "road blocks" within me and taught me how to unlock my potential. I can now say I even enjoy presenting and public speaking!

Julia Chau
Better Studio



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“There is only one you and that is your super power.”

Elfy Jo