My name is Elfy Jo Tummers and I'm a communication coach.

I'm passionate about working with people that are currently not happy to be speaking in public whether that's in video messages or face to face.

My unique approach will help you find your personal public speaking style and you will probably start enjoying speaking in public!

Have a browse around my website and you're welcome to check out my social media as well.

Shoot me a message through the contact form or send me a text if you're interested in working with me.

Is it time to step up your public speaking skills and nail your Perfect Pitch?

Are you ready to advance your career?

You've come to the right.... erm....website!



What Clients Are Saying

Elfy worked with me the way how I needed. She was patient when listening to my struggles. She checked in to see how I went afterwards, too! Thank you Elfy!

Vera Chong
AVL Bookkeeping Services

What Elfy said and how she explained it was so simple but I just needed to hear it from her.
She gave me confidence.

Ryan O'Connor
LoanMe Financial

I have experience in pitching/presenting and I generally feel confident about it. Rather than coaching me with presenting skills and techniques, Elfy dived deep into "road blocks" within me and taught me how to unlock my potential. I can now say I even enjoy presenting and public speaking!

Julia Chau
Better Studio



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“There is only one you and that is your super power.”

Elfy Jo